Bartın Trade and Industry Chamber is a radical, reliable, modern institution which is laid down by the laws to merchants, industrialist, entrepreneur and with providing quality standard with  continuity, delivering service with staff, pioneering in province and region development, holding historical mission.

The aim of Bartın Trade and Industry Chamber is to both provide fundamental services to members and provide services hosting value added in a wide area with providing development in local, regional and national levels.

-To be a institution which realize expectation, give confidence to them to gain our all members’ respect and loyalty
-To provide a neat, clear and reliable secure medium so as to ensure the productivity and institution image which pride employees and abide faithfully for working here

-To contribute our region’s social, economical, cultural progress with our long-standing background and our responsibilities coming from the history.
-To provide active, fast and high quality service
-To communicate with our members sturdily.
-To keep alive constant improvement and to set the quality improvement tone for development.
-To encourage entrepreneurship
-Ensuring the support to development of small and medium sized enterprises
-Representing our province and our chamber members in international areas.

In 2006, our chamber made application to Turkish Standards Institute with the aim of receiving ISO:9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate  and received Quality  Management System Certificate.
Beginning from 2008, sustaining by the association, within the frame of “Chamber / Stock exchange Accreditation Project” are started studies of “Quality Strategy” to be very significant for Turk chamber and stock exchange system.
Accreditation is a ripen model considering the system of the union of England Chambers with the aim of improving the quality of service in chambers connected with TOB, within the context of Turkish chamber development programme with Eurochambers – TOBB cooperation within the frame of ARCHIMEDES programme, also is added comments related to German Chamber system to Eurochambers.
Accreditation is a process of giving recognition capable of doing definite authority convenientlyof a public authority; an institution or person’s doing activities.
The aim of the system is to ensure the imminence recruitment within the chamber and stock exchange system and by this means, adapts of Turk Chamber and Stock Exchange System to Europe Chamber and Stock Exchanges System. In addition to this, The aim of the system is to improve service quality in chambers connected with Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges.
Basically, this system reveals minimum service to be necessary by Chamber and Stock Exchange and evaluates relevant Chamber / Stock Exchange and this system predicts evaluating their own perfomances concerning services as necessary every year  and also this system predicts that Chamber / Stock Exchange evaluates by auditors which designating by Unity once every three years.
1.    Purify the efficiency for clients
2.    Increase confidence of documents and reports
3.    Create conformity assessment infrastructure
4.    Make easy international trade

In 2009, we were audited by ISO:9001:2008 version. We renewed our certificate.
In 2011, we assumed the title of only chamber getting European Qualıty Awards by World Consumer Academy.

In 2006, we received ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate.
In 2008, we received Accredited Chamber Certificate within the frame of “Chamber / Stock exchange Accreditation Project”.
In 2009, we were audited by ISO:9001:2008 version. We renewed our certificate.
In 2011,we gained European Qualıty Awards by World Consumer Academy.

It ıs detected our board of management’s decision 146 numbered 12.12.2011 dated.
Bartın Trade and Industry Chamber;
Numbered 5174, in the frame of TOBB law and regulations, we make a commitment that our members conveys their’s complaints and wishes and our chamber board of management and our personnel evaluates these complaints and solve these problems as soon as possible, follows these complaints, evaluates results within the system with measuring and analysis process.